[Source/Support: Pink & White Productions’ CrashPadSeries Vol 4: Rope Burn Jiz Lee & Dallas Fivestar (Directed by Shine Louise Houston)]

The artistic camera angles make it almost seem like a documentary rather than voyeurism. It doesn’t matter whether you are into lesbians, femme/dykes, bois or not, because I’m sure you will find this video very sexy. Those specific sexual classes might enjoy it a bit more. I won’t spoil the scenes for you, not knowing what to expect the first time you see it can be so hot! The idea (Voyeurism) of the Crash Pad series itself is a turn on for me. The entire video is filled with clips of lesbian couples having sex together and using many different sex toys in many different positions! The premise of The Crash Pad Volume 4: Rope Burn is five couples each, who get a separate turn to ‘crash’ at the Crash Pad as they passionately have sex. It starts with the camera being correctly positioned to view a bed. Then a certain someone’s profile (Fun mystery voyeur!) is shown angling the camera remotely on a computer. Each scene is a different couple sharing their own very passionate fuck session.

Each couple expresses so much affection for their partner, it was a big turn on. They seem to really be trying to make their lover cum whether it be with fingers, mouth or dildo. Oh and their moans from their fabulous orgasms made the silence even better. In keeping with the voyeur theme there is no music or corny conversation going on at all. The slippery wet sex scenes were so realistic that I wanted to be the one controlling those camera angles! There was lots of playful bondage and giggling as if they were all real life lovers who want to have sex with each other on camera. The Crash Pad Series Vol 4: Rope Burn is about two hours long. It includes commentary from the performers and teasers for the other independent films in the Crash Pad Series. If you are looking for a very well done queer porn then you should definitely check out Pink & White Production’s Crash Pad Series Vol 4: Rope Burn. Pants are literally torn off to get to the pussy in this film! Check it out!”

- Review via Sleeping in the Wet Spot

Available on CrashPad Series Volume 4: Rope Burn (DVD), CrashPadSeries.com (membership), or PinkLabel.tv (Video on Demand)

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